How to make the most of your Personal Loan?

A personal loan is one of the easiest ways to acquire finance. In most cases, instant personal loan is available, in a maximum of 72 hours. Often availing a personal loan in India does not entail any security or collateral requirements. Picking the best personal loan is imperative, as it is a type of short-term loan, with a higher interest rate than traditional loans. It is important to compare personal loans and look into things such as exit costs and…

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pre-pay my home loan

Should I pre-pay my home loan?

You have received your annual bonus or a large lump sum of money, you are contemplating whether to do a partial pre-payment of your home loan (HL) or invest it to achieve you other goals. You should access the situation and take a decision keeping in mind the following points: The Income Tax Angle If you do not feel that stressed out with the large amount of home loan standing as a sword over your head, then it makes economic…

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